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i3 Board

Discover our interactive whiteboard system

Our i3BOARDS offer you reliable multi-touch with advanced V-Sense technology, allowing up to 10 simultaneous touches, as well as optimized screen quality with the i3Duo surface in a sleek, cost-effective design.



Our i3BOARDS are equipped with V-Sense technology, meaning that sensors are located in the entire frame of the board and allow precise and fast tracking of touches. The intuitive touch management with multi-touch technology allows up to 10 simultaneous touches. An accurate motion detection is included: use two fingers to rotate, maximize or minimize objects on the board. The i3BOARD recognizes the most common gestures. To write, you can use your finger or a stylus. The i3BOARD is also perfectly compatible with a regular whiteboard marker.



The i3BOARD has the ideal projection surface thanks to its i3Duo surface, which minimizes glare to eliminate hotspots and reduce visual strain and eye fatigue. The surface also minimizes reflection to achieve excellent visibility.



The i3Duo surface is easily dry-erasable and prevents ghosting. This occurs when the surface of the whiteboard is not completely erased, thus leaving marks and stains, which leads to an illegible surface.



i3-Technologies introduced the world's first 135" interactive whiteboard. This size allows you to open different windows next to each other without compromising on visibility. Moreover, multiple users can use the board simultaneously thanks to the multi-touch technology, which increases usability and flexibility in the meeting room.



The i3BOARD has a sleek design with its ultra-narrow aluminium frame and durable enameled steel surface which is dust and damage resistant. The easy maintenance and lifetime warranty on the i3Duo surface lower the total costs of ownership. The durable lifetime warranty enamelled steel surfaces are at home in harsh environments. All i3BOARDS include a standard wall mount.